Review on Some of the Celebrities Who Vape

It is essential to note that almost one in twenty adults use an e-cig.  You should also know that the trend has grown exponentially over the last few years and the celebrities are leading the way.  This has made many famous and not so famous people turn to vaping as a solution to reducing their cigarette use.  In this article, we are going to learn more info about celebrities who vape.


The first celebrity that we are going to check is Tom Hardy.  It is essential to note that almost every time the photographer catches Tom Hardy Vaping, he is holding a different type of setup. This can either be a sleek pen or a large in a charge box mod.  I can say that he has one of the most extensive collections of vape products in Hollywood and we sometimes wonder if he has the VOOPOO Panda.


The next celebrity is Michelle Rodriguez.  You should know that Michelle is mostly known as Letty when she featured in the Fast and Furious Franchise.  The 40-year old actress turned to vaping as a way of cutting back her tobacco habit and she is now using a vape pen.  It is also stipulated that she may be the one to introduce vaping to Cara Delevigne since the tow dated for a while.  You can confirm this through their picture that was taken when the two were using vape pen out of town.  The funny thing is that some people also said that this is an annoying couple's thing but I think it is adorable. For more details, click here. 


The other celebrity who vape is Katherine Heigel.  This beautiful actress who is known for her time on Grey's Anatomy.  The first place she was recognized was when she showed off her sleek vape pen on live TV on David Letterman's show.  Katherine also publicly claimed that her vape pen helped her get off cigarettes.


Leonardo DiCaprio is another celebrity who vape.  One thing that you should know is that the Wolf of Wallstreet actor first made headlines when he brought his vape pen to SAG awards. Besides, he is known to be a serious vapor and he has a collection of vape pens and box mods that he has been seen using regularly and this has made him be branded as the father of vaping in Hollywood. 


Last but not least, let us look at Katy Perry.  Katy Perry is a famous songstress mostly known for her song I kissed a girl.  The songstress has openly supported the vaping trend for a few years and she even notably shared her vape pen with Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes. Check out this site for more details. 


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